Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daddy's Bday

This was my second year to attempt a key lime bundt cake for Jon's birthday. It was an Oprah's favorite thing a few years ago and the recipe is slightly complex. Thank you Pam for Baking for allowing the cake to come out of the pan in one piece this time. Last year we got a bike seat for Avery and this year, it is all about the Vitamix. We are enjoying lots of fruit/veggie juices and ice cream. Happy Birthday Daddy, we love you!!

Attempt 2009
Attempt 2010 :)

Helping Daddy blow out the candles

Sunday, July 18, 2010

3rd Birthday at School

Avery spent her actual 3rd birthday at school with her friends. My sister had a favorite birthday favor her kids had gotten last year which was simply a banana or 2. I added to that a kid's music animal CD that I made last year and called it a favor.

I made the same chocolate cupcakes I make every year from the Joy of Cooking and made a strawberry frosting. I cut the tops off the cupcakes, cut out hearts which didn't look too much like hearts so I switched over to stars which looked a bit better. Avery had a great day. Her teacher made her a paper sparkly crown and she got to blow out candles which is always a special treat.
By the end of the day she had a runny nose which turned into a fever by Saturday morning. We had to postpone her Sunday birthday party for 6 weeks, due to our work/vacation schedule. We were still able to enjoy a relaxing weekend and she didn't mind so much that her party was canceled. Funny she didn't look sick blowing out the candles...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Auntie Daynie's Crafts

Jon spends lots of wonderful weekends with Avery. Sometimes he is looking for something new for them to do. Fortunately Auntie Daynie, a special ed teacher, has great craft ideas for them. Avery loved stringing the cheerios and pasta onto dental floss to make a nice, long necklace.

A couple of weeks later she happily decorated a paper grocery bag to make a lovely dress. Thanks Daynie for sending your great ideas our way. We love you!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Future Pilot?

Avery recently had the great opportunity to attend her friend Lawson's bday party at the Santa Monica Airport. This little airport is just a mile or 2 from us and Avery constantly asks to drive by the airport and whenever we go to the park near the airport she calls out "airplane!!" every minute as the planes take off.
Aside from yummy food and cake, the kids were able to board a real plane and sit in the cockpit and "steer" the plane. She had so much fun and still talks about it.

Other than Jon's pictures of her, the only other party pictures captured of her were waiting beside the birthday boy come cake time. She loves herself some birthday cake, that is for sure.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blue Group

Last week we got word that Avery would be moving up to blue group at school. This came as a bit of a surprise as the rumor was that all the girls about to turn 3 weren't going to transition until September. But I think we were ready for a change. Although overall Avery liked red group, I was not too disappointed when I got the notice. The lead red group teacher and I were never quite on the same page and I think she didn't understand Avery or allow her to be the person that she is. Anyway, the week before turning 3 Avery was to spend 2 partial days in blue group/red group and then transition full time the next week to blue group. But her first transition day she said sayanora to red group and never looked back. Her new lead teacher, Teacher Edna, asked if she wanted to go back to red group for lunch, "no", for naptime, "no" and she ended up happily spending the whole day in her new room. That night when I picked her up she said "I don't want to go back to red group". When I asked her why she simply said that she is a big girl now and indeed she is. She has loved blue group ever since. Two of her teachers from when she was a little baby there also spend some time with blue group, which I think is really neat.

Friday, July 2, 2010

some funny sayings

i started this list forever ago, a list of funny things she says. this doesn't even really do it justice but here are a few that i have caught the time to write down.

1. avery didn't have some hair so much - referring to her baby pictures
2. there's it is
3. it very hurted me.
4. one day avery was squishing my chest and i said "ow that hurts mommy's boobies" and avery promptly looked down her shirt and said "who's going to give them to me?"
5. upon finding out i was pregnant (oh yeah, i am pregnant, due Jan 28th, we are super excited)
"i put her in there, i put the baby in mommy's belly button"
6. trying to teach her to say may i..., she always still throws in a 'can' like this:
may i please can i have some ....
7. i'm am.
8. me to jon "why is she not in miami anymore?"
avery "why is she not in your ami?"
9. i do want much.
10. after this, i think a chocolate nut will fit in my tummy. of course she knows there is always room for dessert.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goodbye to another friend!

Avery and I were so lucky the last 8 months to have a dear friend of mine from college back in LA. She recently got a new job back in Denver so she is moving away. We recently went over to her place to have lunch, "help" with packing, and to say goodbye. Avery has a special affection for Jen, she always has. Avery is so comfortable with her and loves her dearly. She would be so excited whenever I would tell her we had plans with Jen. Jen has 2 kitty cats, which has been fun for Avery. Anyone who knows me knows I am not the biggest fan of cats, mainly due to allergies. So it takes a special person for me to visit their place and let Avery "play" with cats. Alley is the friendly one that Avery is pictured with, Tornado is not pictured and standoffish but Avery was intrigued with her just the same.
Luckily Jen has local family and so she will continue to visit our neck of the woods. We will miss you Jen and look forward to your many visits :)

Cuddling with Alley

Cuddling with Jen