Monday, July 2, 2012

Carnage in the Rapoport Garden

So last year, I lovingly planted a garden and tended to it everyday - watering, weeding and fertilizing.  We never got to eat ONE thing... Our dog Quincy got to it right when everything ripened and was ready to eat. He sacked and plundered our garden and made it look like a horrific crime scene.  All I found were tomato seeds and half eaten peppers all over the place. 

So this year I tried it again, only I decided I would outsmart him and put up a fence. I have been even more vigilant this year with watering, weeding and fertilizing. Everything is coming in really nice. We even got to eat a single delicious tomato that came early.

So last night I let Quincy outside and I guess he has been secretly planning his attack. We heard noises coming from outside, but I figured there was no way it was coming from our garden because of my fort knox like fence. I went out there and sure enough I smelled tomatoes in the air and that little stinker had breached the fence and was scarfing down some tomatoes. 

In the morning I went out to survey the carnage and thankfully he only got two of them. I then spent 25 minutes rebuilding and reinforcing my fence to protect the remaining tomatoes. 

Then Avery and I let him out of the house to test my engineering skills and this is what we saw...