Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Song

This morning Jon and I were listening to Avery talking on the baby monitor after she woke up. Jon said, "I think she's singing". At first I wasn't sure, but as time went by it became clear that she was indeed singing. She sang her little heart out, most of it indistinguishable with occasional words that we could understand. She then stopped singing, sat there for a few seconds and said "more song?" and promptly began singing again. It was so cute, it brought tears to my eyes. She proceeded to do this about 7 more times before we went in and got her out of her crib.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Santa Barbara Getaway

This past weekend we took a much needed trip out of LA and into beautiful Santa Barbara to visit our friends Jenny and Tyler and their girls Kylie and Kira. After working 3 straight weekends, we were in need of some quality time together. The weather was perfect despite forecasts of rain. We got to take a nice leisurely walk to a botanical garden where the girls got to feed the turtles and run around in the grass. Avery spent pretty much every minute we were inside playing in Kylie and Kira's fire truck. She loved getting in and out and being spun around by Kylie. She also loved talking on the intercom like it was a phone.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner in of chicken pot pie, salad and cupcakes. Avery tasted the chicken pot pie but reverted back to her usual chicken with barbeque sauce. She enjoyed the cupcake much more than the broccoli. It was so cute to see the little girls sitting with Kylie at the big girl table. They all seemed so grown up.

We tried on 2 occasions to capture a picture of Avery and Kira to compare to the one we took Fall 2007 when Kira was just 10 days old. We clearly failed, but had fun trying. The first time they were both too tired despite Kylie's attempts to make them happier. The second attempt they were fine but completely uninterested in smiling. Avery is 19 1/2 months here and Kira is almost 18 months. Kylie will turn 4 years old this week. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

After sharing a room with Avery in the pack n play and her calling out "mommy" at various points throughout the night, we woke up Sunday to have the girls eat cereal and fruit. Daddy went for a nice run down to the harbor while we all hung out at the house, checking out their great deck, I should have taken pix up there. Then we all went for a very successful breakfast outing. The girls were so nicely behaved, it was a pleasure to be able to sit and talk. Before we headed back to LA, we all drove over to the harbor and walked around. It was so beautiful with a nice warm breeze. Jon and Tyler were constantly having to wait for Jenny and I to catch up as they tended to the girls as we walked and talked. Thanks hubbies! This is my favorite picture from the weekend. Kylie held Avery's hand for a long walk and they just looked so cute walking around like this. Kira was up in the Ergo with her daddy and hence is not pictured here :)

Thank you Ramesons for a great weekend. Everything was so easy and we had such a nice time. Hope to see you again soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

orange barrette

After patiently waiting for, oh say, 19.5 months, Avery finally has enough hair to wear a tiny barrette. And after a few days of conflict over it, she now asks for her barrette, she loves the orange one the best. It matches her orange crocs. Orange is her favorite color, undoubtedly. This picture was taken by Kylie. She took about 15 pix on my camera and got several good shots. This was my favorite. It's hard to see the barrette, but I swear it's there, it's her second favorite color, purple. Or as Fancy Nancy would call it, "fuschia". Here's to good hair days.