Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Freecycle Patio table

So we recently expanded our patio for the purpose of putting a dining table out there. I was going to go the usual route and buy one when I came up with idea of building one... I will let you decide if it was good or bad.

We have several slabs of quartz laying in our backyard from our kitchen. I have wanted to do something with them because it seems like such a waste of a really cool material

I needed legs for the table, but they would have to be really strong to hold the weight of the quartz and they would have to be weather proof. After going to home depot I made my way into the outdoor fence section and realized that if I took a small fence post and turned it upside down and then cut 5 inches off, it would make a great outdoor leg. Each leg cost me around $8. I just had to make sure they were all cut the exact same size so it wouldn't wobble. Thank you articulating saw!

Next the guy at home depot recommended the right kind of plywood for the slab to sit on and showed me how to counter sink bolts. I then had to weatherproof the plywood with some primer.

Then it was just a matter of putting it together and praying the table didn't wobble

I then took the slabs and glued them down with industrial glue. The table probably weighs over 200 lbs and doesn't budge. Here's the finished product that cost me a grand total of $40.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bye Bye Binkie

Landon has had an 11 month love affair with his green binkie, paci, binkbink. Daddy decided L's New Years resolution should be to give up the binkie. Mommy was not so sure about this decision, I felt really sad for the little guy. I kept saying "but he loves his binkie". Actually we started talking about taking it away months ago, but I just couldn't bring myself to actually do it. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for everyone, Daddy was right. It was one day of a little extra crying at naptimes and then our sweet boy was back to normal. Although now he has apparently found a new binkie amongst all his Christmas and Chanukah presents. Haha.
**The top picture was sent to me by one of Landon's teachers at school. I exchanged numbers with 2 of his teachers in Infant 1 and occasionally they have taken a cute picture of him and texted it to me. These brighten my days. He was so very loved by all his teachers, we have been so fortunate.