Friday, April 30, 2010

dinner date

We went out for several delicious dinners in Kauai, some fancy, some not so fancy. We read about a little "Fish Hut" in a strip mall kind of setting in Kapaa and they had the best fish sandwiches. We went there twice because it was so tasty AND they had great, huge shave ice too. These are our pre-dinner pix.

Rainy Days

We had plenty of rain while we were in Kauai. One of the first days we were there we all got ready to go to the pool and as soon as we got outside it started to pour. Here are the before and after pictures. We ended up getting rained on while running, in the pool and at the beach a couple of times but by the end of the trip we had two perfectly gorgeous days.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pu'u Poa

So we decided to rent a condo in Princeville, Kauai, rather than stay in a hotel. This way we had a kitchen for breakfast and lunch, washer and dryer, and Avery had her own bedroom so we wouldn't all have to go to sleep at the same time. As we approached the area, I said I hope the pictures were not deceiving that made us choose this place. We were definitely not disappointed. The condo was beautiful with the nicest kitchen I have ever seen. It opened up onto a large grassy area, then there was a cliff and a beautiful beach that we could hike to down below. For the first 2 days Avery kept saying "I love our new house". We had to gently tell her that this luxury was only temporary.

These birds were present every morning to eat in the grassy area. Avery enjoyed watching them.

Avery sitting at the kitchen table, where her infamous jelly bean counts were first held.

The view from the master bedroom.

Notice the ropes to prevent toddlers from falling down the several hundred foot drop-off.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Disney

Two days before we left for Hawaii, we joined our dear friends, Deirdre, Ella and Charlotte along with Grancy for a wonderful day at Disneyland. We went on several rides (must-haves Small World and Dumbo among them). Deirdre was sweet enough to take all the girls on the Teacups, which make me so ill I can't stand to go on them, even for my sweet girl who loves the ride.

We then sat for the most lovely meal I have ever had at Disney, Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, mainly because we were able to sit for maybe 2 hours enjoying each others company. A big skillet filled with a warm chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream didn't hurt either. Yummy! It was such a fun day.

Avery loved the cookie treat so much she licked the plate clean, and I let her.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pony Rides

Avery had her first opportunity to ride a pony at her friend Lawson's 3rd birthday party last July. She really wanted to but just couldn't muster up the courage. She talked about it for months afterward. We are fortunate to live near one of the best farmer's markets ever. The Sunday Santa Monica farmer's market features great food, local produce, live music and either a petting zoo or pony rides every week. Avery and Jon frequent the farmer's market often while I am working. She has many times requested to ride the ponies, they wait in line and then she backs out at the last minute.
3 Sundays ago, she let Jon put her on the pony and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Jon stayed inside the fence and walked most of the time with her. These are pictures of her first pony ride. She has since gone each week and today I got to be there. She let the pony ride worker put her on the pony and we watched from outside the fence. She had the biggest smile. She always picks the same horse, the smallest brown one. His name, we found out today, is Chocolate. Avery and I also shared a delicious banana pancake, yum city!
I am now officially caught up with the blog, just in time for our trip to Kauai. I cannot believe it's been 6 years since our wedding and honeymoon. Scary how time flies. We love you, Jon/daddy!! Aloha!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Bed Time

Tonight was Avery's first night in her "big girl bed", now that potty training is complete. She was very excited as we disassembled the bed frame and lowered the mattress onto the floor.  We left her very cozy and now we are just waiting for her to fall asleep...

Funny and nice things

Avery's new favorite thing to say is "I have an idea, hmm.." and we wait patiently for her to come up with her idea.  She loves to read "Edwina the dinosaur who didn't know she was extinct". She has been fully potty trained for a few weeks now. She loves to love on Quincy.  She took some pictures of him recently. 

She loves to gallop. She loves her friends Miles and Ella at school and she loves all her teachers too. She pretends to drink coffee (which we don't drink...) from the same little stacking cups that my friend Deirdre gave to me as a baby gift. She likes to play pretend. She still doesn't know the difference between TinkerBell and the Disney Princesses, she calls them all TinkerBell, I pride myself on this one. She loves to eat all kinds of fruit just like her Daddy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Disease or No?

For Easter I gave Avery a card with stickers to decorate an Easter egg.  She chose to decorate herself instead.  It looks like she has a skin disease but they are just a bunch of stickers on her belly.