Sunday, August 29, 2010

Third Birthday Party

After having to postpone Avery's 3rd birthday party for 6 weeks due to a cough and fever, we were so happy to have a beautiful day at Mar Vista Park for our 2nd attempt. Six months before her birthday, Jon asked Avery if she wanted a bounce house and she never forgot about it. My goal was to get a picture of every child at the party. I did not achieve that goal but did capture many of Avery's friends.

Bounce House Central
Avery and Lawson
Andrew, Lawson, Avery, Charlotte and Ella

Deirdre and Charlotte
Sweet barefoot birthday girl
Maddie getting blindfolded for pin the tail on the donkey
The girls checking out the game
Decorating the first cupcake for the birthday girl.
I made yellow and chocolate cupcakes from scratch, thank you Joy of Cooking, as well as cream cheese and chocolate cream cheese frosting. Each kid got to put on the frosting and sprinkles and especially for Avery and Daddy some sour gummy worms were supplied.

Repopulating the earth, me, Jenny and Deirdre
Kylie jumping out of the bounce house
(Gabri)Ella all finished jumping
At the end of the party after many of the guests had gone home, Avery and Calvin enjoyed some quality jumping time. Avery stayed inside until they came to take the bounce house away. It was well worth it!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Position

We showed up to ballet class today and the teacher invited everyone inside to observe class. They only allow parents in for the first and last class. Wait a minute. It's the last class? Maybe that's why every single other parent has their camera and/or video camera. I had my Samsung flip phone that doesn't email pictures... How on earth did I not realize this is the last class? So in order to commemorate my forgetfulness we took pictures of Avery in 1st and 2nd position at home after the last class was complete.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aquarium and Fountain Fun

We enjoyed some more fun in Atlanta by going to their wonderful aquarium. They had 2 beautiful white beluga whales. The kids could have stood there all day. Once we pulled them away and ran through some more exhibits we found a fun moving sidewalk which the kids enjoyed immensely. We then headed to a playground where Avery demonstrated her high climbing abilities. Finally we went to the fountain at Olympic park. Avery was the first to run into the fountain and get soaked, then Mazie joined her, then Elliott and finally Lucia. They had so much fun and did not want to leave. We didn't want to leave either because the next morning it was time to head home.

Frosted Orange

My dad was the first person in his family to graduate from college. He nearly failed out on one or two occasions but persevered and completed his education. He is a very proud and involved alumnus, supporting Georgia Tech athletics. Growing up we would watch, and sometimes when lucky get to attend, Tech basketball and football games. Right before Jon and I got married, Dad, Katie and I traveled to San Antonio to watch the Final Four. UConn, where Jon went to college, ended up beating Tech in the final game. I digress. In Atlanta, near the Tech campus, is The Varsity. When my dad was in college, he would go there with his buddies. They continue to have car hops, wonderful greasy food, and a delicious frozen treat called a Frosted Orange. We stopped there to get a Frosted Orange for each of the kids and I happily indulged as well. Oh, and go Jackets!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

To Grandma Libby's House We Go...

Auntie Kate and I teamed up with the 4 little ones for a road trip to Newnan to see our grandmother, their great-grandmother. We stopped in Auburn on our way and enjoyed one of Katie's favorite parks. Avery especially loved picking fresh blueberries off the bush and eating them right there! What a treat. With all potty breaks included the trip took nearly twice as long as it normally would have, but it was well worth it. Grancy was also there and we got to see great aunts and uncle and cousins. It was so nice to all be together. These times are few and far between so I tried to enjoy every minute.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cousin time

We were so thrilled to get some time to go visit my sister and Avery's cousins for a while. Grandpa and Nanalin drove us from Atlanta to small town USA and stayed for a few days of fun. Jon also joined us for a few days. In looking back through pictures I found that I got a lot of pictures of the 4 cousins from behind, it is much easier than trying to get all of them looking at the camera at the same time. The kids enjoyed homemade popsicles, the outdoors, their own kids table, freeing butterflies, gummy letter candy from Uncle Jon (ALE&M), and trying unsuccessfully to dye white carnations different colors. We always enjoy our time in the country.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


In all our travels over the past 3 years, if ever in a hotel Avery would sleep in a crib or pack 'n play. This time, in order to get to Katie's but then back to my grandmother's, we flew in and out of Atlanta. Fortunately my dad and Nanalin were in town and headed to Katie's, so they picked us up and then we spent 1 night in a hotel before we left to see the triplets. Avery did so great sleeping in her own big hotel bed and I got a great night's sleep in the other bed! It was heavenly.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The World's A Stage

Avery has found a new pastime for when I am getting ready in the morning or doing chores upstairs. She moves all her friends to their front row seats positioned between the bed and the wall. Then she pushes aside all the blankets and dances and sings to her heart's content. If we are anywhere nearby, she insists that we sit and watch her. She loves to watch herself sing and dance in the mirror on the wall. She could entertain herself and her friends forever doing this.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rally Dally: Another Goodbye

Since 2008, we had the privilege of having dear friends with whom we could do even trades for dogsitting. Avery has always loved Rally; Rally never really reciprocated this feeling. But she was always a sweet girl as she ran away from Avery and squealed if Avery came within inches of her fur. We tried to take lots of pictures during Rally's last stay with us. She moved to Nashville with her parents, Jessica and Tim. We miss them all terribly!!

Avery's picture of Rally hiding from her under the table
Avery's picture #2

For this last visit, Rally did join us nightly for story time in Avery's room which was really sweet.