Thursday, March 28, 2013

Truck Lover

Jon is constantly coming up with home improvement projects. One of these was building a portable fence to block off our driveway from our relatively busy street to let the kids and Quincy play out front a little bit while he gardens. The longest available fence to be found is only 25 feet across and we needed one that was 30 feet across so Jon came up with this system of pipes, netting and zip ties to make our very own special fence. We recently set it up one morning so Landon could watch the trucks that were working on our street. He loved watching them while we would walk Avery to school and didn't want to stop watching them when we got home.

Sweetest Words

Avery has taken to writing us letters. She will leave one on my pillow or give one to me when she gets home from school. They brighten my life. Here is a recent example. Sweet girl. And yes I will show this to her when she's a teenager and doesn't feel quite this way anymore!

Monday, March 25, 2013

That's my kid

While in Atlanta, my sister gave me 2 pictures of me from when I was a toddler. We showed them to Landon and said, "who's that?" and he said, "Landon".  See what you think.

Warning... Gross

Prior to our departure for Atlanta, the kids sink was clogged mostly with Avery's hair. I asked Jon to deal with it but in the chaos of getting ready to travel, it was left for several days. We also have taken to eating chia seeds in smoothies and oatmeal. They contain omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants and minerals. Anyhow, they tend to get stuck in between teeth and are best removed by brushing your teeth. Do you see where this is headed? No? So sink is clogged with hair, then Avery brushes her teeth, chia seeds get stuck in the hair ball and alas, we come home 5 days later to a little chia plant growing out of our sink. So disgusting, but also an interesting little science experiment.  And since Jon was still sick upon our return home, I had the great pleasure of cleaning out this mess!

Gross, I know.

Grandma Libby turns 95

My beautiful, beloved grandmother Elizabeth turned 95 this March and we were so fortunate to get the whole family together and have a lovely party for her. Unfortunately the first night we arrived in ATL Jon came down with some wicked stomach bug that left him out of commission the whole trip and beyond. But the kids and I enjoyed our time with Grandma Libby, Grancy, Aunt Nita, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Mayo, Aunties Kate and Bee and all the cousins. We also got to see my college friend Karla. She brought the kids little gifts including chocolate covered bugs. The kids loved them, apparently not caring what the chocolate was covering. We went to the High Museum to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit. I didn't see much from the floor where we set up the kids to color pictures to keep them out of trouble, but it was still lovely.The party had a great turnout. We also had a fun easter egg hunt for the kids in my grandma's yard. Our flight home was crazy delayed but we did all make it home :)
Landon Eating the Chocolate Covered Bug

Cousins playing at the water-logged park to keep out of trouble during party prep time

My handsome nephew

I love this picture
Oh yes, it's true, that says flight home from ATL to LAX was delayed 6hr 19 min, and indeed it was...

Dancing in the airport, they were such troopers during the delay