Monday, March 25, 2013

Warning... Gross

Prior to our departure for Atlanta, the kids sink was clogged mostly with Avery's hair. I asked Jon to deal with it but in the chaos of getting ready to travel, it was left for several days. We also have taken to eating chia seeds in smoothies and oatmeal. They contain omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants and minerals. Anyhow, they tend to get stuck in between teeth and are best removed by brushing your teeth. Do you see where this is headed? No? So sink is clogged with hair, then Avery brushes her teeth, chia seeds get stuck in the hair ball and alas, we come home 5 days later to a little chia plant growing out of our sink. So disgusting, but also an interesting little science experiment.  And since Jon was still sick upon our return home, I had the great pleasure of cleaning out this mess!

Gross, I know.

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Tsunami said...

Wowwwww that's so cool XD I kinda like weird things like that and it's interesting how to chia seeds even grew haha