Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grandma Jenny and her 99 years

October 20, 2010

Just weeks before Grandma Jenny would have turned 100, she passed away in her sleep. We all went back to CT for the funeral and were able to celebrate Grandma Jenny's life with all of the rest of her family. In all the time I spent with Grandma Jenny, she was always very loving, accepting, bright, funny. I know Jon has so many fond memories of growing up near his grandparents and all the life lessons they taught him. He wrote a nice speech for the family lunch that got everyone talking about how beloved Grandma Jenny was. May we all be so blessed to live 99 years. The rabbi who performed the funeral is the same rabbi that married Jon's parents. We were able to spend time with Jon's cousins for the day and it was so nice to get to meet/spend more time with these wonderful relatives who we do not get to see often enough. It is too bad that everyone is spread all across the country. Here are a few pictures of everyone.

Steven, Dayna, Ron, Dean and Jon

I love this picture of Avery with her Daynie

So we did tell Avery that Grandma Jenny died and that has brought up frequent and unexpected conversations with her regarding death, dying, growing old, do kids die, will you die, will I die, will you die before I die; things we both as parents were not quite, and frankly are still not, prepared to talk about. One of my favorite things she's said recently is "Mom, when I am 12 you will be old!". Great, thanks. Below is a video from Landon's first airplane ride. He was so good, such an easy traveler. I am sorry that he did not get to meet Grandma Jenny. He would have wooed her with his smiles.