Sunday, September 11, 2011

Milestones in a Nutshell

First smile 3/1

rolled over 7 times belly to back (so we knew it wasn't a fluke) 3/10

Sat in the Bumbo 4/18 - which he shortly learned how to throw himself backwards in the seat so we have not used it much.
Fell in love with the swing 4/20, that love affair was deep and lasted many months, we have worn out the batteries multiple times
First day of school 5/24
Rolled over from back to stomach 6/4
First tooth 6/10
First fever 6/13 - 102.7 (kiis fm)

Scooting backwards and 2nd tooth 6/23
Scooting forwards sometimes 6/25
Started trying to crawl 7/5 in Hawaii for Jennie and Jeff's wedding with his buddy Quinn
First oatmeal 7/13
First formula bottle (boo!) 7/27 - happy 40th birthday daddy
Put to bed awake = the beginning of sleep training of which he did great - 8/15
Tooth #3 8/22, #4 8/25, #5 9/11 - poor kid!! although he's a great teether, just like his big sister was.
He's been pulling up to stand a while now but he has finally (thank goodness) figured out how to sit from a stand rather than standing there crying for someone to help him sit! 9/13.