Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sweet Cousins and Aunties Visit

After the New Year, we were graced with a visit from my sister and her family. We enjoyed a bunch of quality cousin time. We enjoyed the PV tide pools, sledding at the beach, park time, and a small birthday party for Landon and Auntie Bee. Here are a couple of pix from my phone. We are so lucky that although we live thousands of miles apart that both families make it a priority to get together as often as we can. Of course we didn't get to all the things we wanted to do, so they will have to come see us again soon.

 Lucia, Quincy, and Elliott
 Sweet matchy Minnie Mouse girls
Dark sunset after the tidepools

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Late Christmas Present

Let me set the scene. Avery and Landon are in our bedroom playing "night night", where they get under the covers and pretend to sleep for a second, then jump around a little, then pretend to sleep again.
Jon is in his office and I am downstairs finishing up making dinner.

Avery: "Come quick, Landon took off his diaper, and oh no...."
Jon: "Karen! Karen! Come up here now!!"
I grab paper towels and antibacterial spray (I've been here, done this before, or so I thought).
Avery: "Landon teetee'd on your side of the bed, mom!"
and as if it couldn't get worse...
Avery: "And he pooped on daddy's side of the bed!"
Yep it's true. In no time flat, he managed to use our bedding as his toilet/diaper.
So now I am doing laundry, obviously.
I carry the filthy linens downstairs to load them into the washing machine and am reminded as I look into the dryer that I still had Landon's laundry in the dryer from the night before, when he cried so hard (for no good reason) that he puked all over his crib. 

 It's a good thing he's so handsome.