Monday, December 19, 2011

Avery update

1) Avery is constantly saying funny and surprising things, like how she calls meatloaf "meatlove".
2) She asks funny questions like "did you wish you had a brother when you are a children?" I don't correct her grammar with this one because I love how she says "when you were a children", too cute.
3) For a while now Avery has wanted to be an astronaut, she loves the moon and thinking about rocket ships. She likes to ride the rocket ships at Disneyland. She also thinks Santa and the North Pole are in outer space. But recently she's had a change of heart. "I don't want to be an astronaut anymore, I want to be a teacher, like the yellow group (her current class) teachers. I want to be a strong teacher like them. Or a pre-K teacher, they are even stronger. Actually a college teacher because they are a lot stronger." Where do these things come from? (11/4)
4) Starting in October, Avery started taking piano lessons at school with Teacher Mary every Friday morning. She really enjoys it and has been practicing her little songs. I am reminded to ask her how piano lessons were each Friday when I pick her up and see the big LH on her left hand and RH on her right hand and the little numbers on her fingers. Jon bought a keyboard and the whole family enjoys it.
5) This year Avery has enjoyed art class, gymnastics and ballet/tap. She can't do all three classes during the same session so we have to pick 2. After 6 months of gymnastics and nearly learning to do a cartwheel, she elected to go back to art class and has really enjoyed all the little projects, playing with playdoh and painting.
6) Way back on July 10 Avery counted to 100 for the first time. She has a gift with numbers, I think. I always loved math, until calculus. I hope that she loves math too, maybe even calculus, although I won't be able to help her.
7) Avery also has a gift with nicknaming Landon. It started a few months ago when she took a name from a beloved little book "HUG" and applied it to Landon. It has evolved every few weeks since then. Bobo, Sho, Shabadu, Jun, Gogo.
8) We love this girl!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hannukah Song

Monday, December 12, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

So Happy Together

What would I do without my beloved bookclub? I feel so blessed to have five wonderful friends from college and beyond, along with their precious families, with whom to share our lives. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas party at Kelly and John's new and improved house. Our ever-growing families enjoyed an evening of playing and gifts for the kids, yummy drinks and dinner, and the ease of conversation with old friends. Laura and Tim were missed, maybe next year we can all be together!?

Landon and his buddy, Quinn

The big kids in the under-stair nook