Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Avery Meets Great Grandma Jenny

We dragged Daddy off his 'deathbed' to go spend some time with Great Grandma Jenny, GG's mom. She has recently moved from W Hartford to live near GG in a wonderful assisted living apartment. Avery and I got to see her a couple of times, but Jon only managed to get out of bed this day to go see her. He was sick from the night of Libby's party until the day we flew home 5 days later. I will say if he had to be sick, there was no better vacation location than his mom's house. She was a great nurse/mom to him, much better than I would have been if we were in, say, Hawaii. Despite the illnesses (which I somehow escaped, thank goodness), we had a great trip and it was so wonderful for Avery to meet all her great grandmothers. All of my great grandparents were deceased by the time I was born, so I just feel so blessed that she has 3 to enjoy.
I will also mention that flying with a 3 month old was much easier than an 8 month old, but she did well overall and she would try to get anyone and everyone to smile at her by offering up a smile of her own. Such a sweetie.

Avery Meets Grandpa Michael

Avery got to spend quality time with all kinds of family on this trip. She got to be with Grandpa Michael and really enjoyed getting to show him all that she is capable of. Smiling, scooting, eating, crying, sleeping, playing, bowling with her new animal bowling pins, but mainly smiling. She also was able to spend time with Great Grandma June, Jon's paternal grandmother. We all went out to eat and spent time at GG's house. Looked through old pictures of Jon as a baby/kid. I definitely see more of Jon in Avery after this trip. I think they have the same hair and similar mouths. Everyone is always saying she looks just like me, but I think she's definitely showing features of both of us.

and Great Grandma June

Avery shows Great Grandma June her favorite toys in the whole world, stacking bath plastic cups. Truly, she needs nothing else to keep her happy. She really enjoyed meeting Great Grandma June, we had 2 nice visits with her and Grandpa Michael while we were at GG's.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

8 months, 4 babies and 90 years

Avery got to spend her 8 month birthday with her precious triplet cousins and her aunts, and Grancy and Libby, among other great aunts, uncle and cousins. Daddy was sick with a fever as we traveled the southeast and miss Av had her worst cough ever, but she was happy to pose for 4 generation pictures at Libby's house the day after Libby's 90th birthday party. Babies are in reverse birth order, Mazie, Elliott, Lucia and Avery. It was such a pleasure to all be together. Just prior to this, Avery stayed at the hotel to catch up on some zzzz's and I had the great pleasure of accompanying auntie's K and B and the triplets to their first restaurant outing at Panera Bread. The babies were great and got lots of attention.

Grancy and Elliott, Libby and Lucia, Auntie K and Mazie.
We stayed down the hall from the triplets at the hotel in Newnan. I think that was smart because Avery did her fair share of crying/coughing in the new environment and the triplets finagled some in the bed sleeping as Lucia and Mazie rejected the Pack and Plays. But I must tell a story of my observation of my sister with her babies. Shortly after they arrived at the hotel and got all their stuff into the hotel room, I went to their room to see them and try to help if I could. I tried to feed Mazie, but she was upset and not interested (it was pretty late and all the babies were tired). I felt a little flustered as she fussed and then the other 2 started to cry and auntie K had all 3 of them lying on the bed and started singing a little song and they ALL stopped crying. It was amazing. I was so nervous when they were all crying but she's got it all figured out. I loved getting to spend whatever time we could get to see what great mom's K&H are both becoming.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Newnan Fam Foto

We all traveled to Newnan, Georgia on Thursday for Libby's birthday party. We have enjoyed getting to see Avery's great aunts and uncle and cousins. Aunties Kate and B arrived Friday and the 4 cousins have enjoyed some bonding floor time together. Promise to take triplet pix tomorrow to post. They are the cutest triplets you ever did see and all have blue eyes, each of a different shade. Lucia is a big cuddle bug with a dimple when she smiles, Elliott took a short time to warm up to us but now offers wide, precious smiles, and Miss Mazie is the little girl with the sweetest toothless smile. Avery adores each of them and enjoyed taking them all in today. We look forward to more bonding tomorrow before they head home and we head to Florida for Avery to meet her grandfather, other 2 great grandmothers and to see GG and Poppy! The above pic is another from Libby's bday celebration. It was so fun to get Avery all dressed up.

Great Grandma Libby is turning 90!!

Today was Karen's Grandma Libby's 90th birthday party. She will be 90 on March 25. It was a wonderful party filled with old memories, pictures, good friends and family, good food and a fabulous cake table with 90 little candles in tiny pots lining the table. There were 6 little babies from 2 month old Ja'Mari, to the 6 month old triplets Lucia, Elliott and Mazie, to 8 month old Avery, and 14 month old Drennen. They were all well-behaved. Libby had a great time, as did all her guests. Happy Birthday Grandma/Libby! We love you!

Party Dresses