Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Short Fat Fry

Today we went to see Dr. Woo for Landon's 2 month appointment. No real big questions for him. Just curious to see how much he weighed. I was guessing 12lb, we looked back to see Avery was 11lb 7oz at that same appt. Well, he was 12 lb 14 oz, he exactly doubled his birth weight at 9 weeks! That puts him in the 75th percentile for weight. I can free myself of any worry (that I really did not have) that he needs anything more than my milk. Our episodic periods of bonding that already are becoming more spaced out... I have an iPhone app that tells me how long he eats, on which side he last ate, how long he has eaten thus far today, averages for the week and month of how many hours we have spent nursing. Initially I was spending 4+hrs feeding him, we are now down to 2.5hr/day. I know this will be the last time I experience the miracle of infancy and so I both delight and lament in the decrease of hours. This period is so fleeting and I try to remind myself on occasion of that fact.
Oh, and he is only 22 inches long. 10th percentile! Hence, the 'short fat fry'. It seems he may have gotten Grandpa Alky's genes, because all the other males in his lineage are at least 6 feet tall. This reminds me of a story from when Jon and I were dating. He still lived in Wisconsin and I was living LA. We had only met at Aubrey and Chris' wedding so I didn't know him very well. I was convinced that he was less than 6ft tall, like maybe 5'10" in my recollection of him. He kept telling me he was 6ft. One day I got a call from his phone and it was a nurse in Wisconsin, he had her call me from his yearly checkup to tell me that he was indeed 6 ft tall. It made me laugh and smile and I did finally believe that he was 6ft tall. We will love Landon nonetheless no matter how tall he is. Surely karma will not punish him for all the times I said I would never date a short guy...

Sunday, March 27, 2011


When I was pregnant with Avery, Jon started asking when she would be able to eat sushi. I said maybe when she was a teenager, but Jon didn't like that answer and now likes to ask all sushi restaurant workers when she can start having sushi. Their answers vary. I don't do raw fish sushi, I do vegetable sushi, like cucumber or avocado or last resort a california roll with (fake) crab. Jon loves sushi, claiming the raw fish is sweet or some silliness like that. So tonight for the first time successfully Avery ate and enjoyed my kind of sushi, which she calls shushi which makes it all the more fun. She loves the ginger but not the soy sauce. Jon is so happy that now we can all eat sushi together

Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Buddies

After a plethora of book club girls being born (5 to be exact), the tides changed starting with William 3 years ago. Since then, all book club babies have been boys. Here are the 3 youngest book club boys; Quinn, Ryan and Landon. Thanks Ryan for smiling :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We were so delighted to have my sister, aka Auntie Kate and her youngest, Mazie, come to visit us. I was in need of some sister time and so grateful that Auntie Bee, Lucia and Elliott allowed them to come across the country to spend a week with us. Although my sister left 2 of her triplets behind, she still sort of had twins because she ended up helping me so much with Avery while I cared for Landon. I am so appreciative of this time we had together. I had a list of things I wanted her to help me with and we accomplished a lot, we made a big pot of homemade pasta sauce, she gave us a crash course in using our food dehydrator. I never knew a grown man could consume gallons of dried tomatoes in one sitting. We made delicious raw corn chips in the dehydrator and some really disgusting yogurt taffy. We started getting the baby announcements ready to be sent. And I know we did lots of other things I can't remember. What I do know is I was so devastated when they left. Maybe because now that we bought a house in LA it is pretty evident that we will not be living near each other anytime soon and our kids will not be growing up together. So the time we do have together is all the more precious. Mazie took some pictures with my phone. Here is a small collection of those. Jon took some great pictures of the cousins which I will post sometime...

Mazie love, ready to head to the airport
Sweet loves

Thanks for visiting! We love y'all and you are welcome anytime!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Moving to a new town and taking Avery out of school at the same time was a bit worrisome for me. I didn't want her to be bored or missing kids her age too much. The timing wasn't ideal with both these things coinciding but timing usually isn't perfect in life and yet things tend to work out. I sought out some activities through the local recreation program to start at the end of January about 3 weeks after we moved. They just happened to coincide with the week that Landon arrived. Thankfully GG was here to take Avery to her first ballet class. Avery loves her new ballet teacher, Miss Chrissy. They have lots of fun and learn a little bit of ballet/tap too. I took a bunch of pictures of the private lesson Avery got with Miss Kelsey when all the other girls didn't show up. Usually the class has about 6 girls in it.
Shuffle Step
Jumping over stuffed animals is super fun.
Miss Kelsey rewards good dancing and memory of things learned during class by letting the girls hula hoop. Miss Kelsey is a great hula hooper and Avery really enjoyed it too.

GG and Avery missed the first art class because I left faulty directions for them as I tried to ready myself to get to the hospital to deliver the baby, oops, my bad :) Avery really enjoyed art class. The teachers were sweet and she got to do some really cool projects.
Here is a mobile they made. Each week had a special project as well as free play with playdough and painting and coloring.
The kids loved these different sized tree trunk pieces.
This wasn't from art class but illustrates Avery's beginning attempts at drawing a person.
For the last art class Avery was joined by her beloved cousin, Mazie who came to visit us. They had a great time painting together and making pompom art.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

funny girl

I don't write down all the funny things Avery says. I should because she constantly makes me laugh, but I don't. My current favorites include: "I'm am" which I realize she has been saying for a long time now and I sort of wonder if she might say it forever; "much more better", so cute; and "packpack" instead of back pack. She calls tofu "toe food" and she asks funny questions like "do worms have eyes and do bumblebees have jaws?". I had to look both those answers up on Google, no worms don't have eyes and yes bumblebees have mandibles, of course they do.