Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Video: Happy Holloween Costume Contest

No, we did not buy a sheriff costume for Avery. It was found in the bottom of the closet from Jon's old Halloween party days. Yes, mommy thinks the baby doll idea was better than the sheriff. No, we are not pro-gun. Yes, daddy thinks the sheriff costume was better than the baby doll. Yes, Avery would like to pick her own costume for next year.
Thanks Maya for the pretty baby doll dress. Thanks Daddy for hanging on to the sheriff costume all those years. It sure came in handy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Really, do I have to go?

"Yes, Mommy, we have to go." On Avery's 3 month birthday, I woke her up at 5:45 AM to join me in the car for the commute to work and her first day of daycare. She did great, I didn't see her cry at all. It was my second day of work, so I did better only crying when I left her, instead of 3 times in the first hour like my first day of work. Also, her daycare is across the street from the hospital. So I get to go over at lunch time to feed her and see her sweet face. Jon surprised me and was at the daycare when I came over to feed her. He came and spent 2 hours with her on her first day of daycare. Thank goodness for Daddy! He also picked her up early on Friday, her 2nd day of daycare. Clearly we are having a bit of trouble adjusting to real life post-maternity leave.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rolling, rolling, rolling

So even though my pediatrician said my head is so heavy and it's an accident when I roll from tummy time onto my back, everyone was really excited to see me roll right over. Whoo, what hard work! GG and Poppy were watching me on the video cam and daddy was there in person to watch my first roll. Mommy got to see me roll over the next day since she was catching up on zzzzzz's for my first time.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Hand me down

Thank goodness for hand me downs (thanks Leslie and London). Mommy loves this shirt, a la Dirty Dancing. Clearly Avery loves playing dress up with mommy. It's kind of like having a Cabbage Patch Kid, only they wouldn't cry when shirts were being pulled over their heads.

Total Heartbreaker

Thanks Brett, Angelike and Maddie for my cool shirt. I am 12 weeks old today and I have figured out that with these 2 looks I can pretty much get anything I want from my mom and dad.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Love those aunties

Avery with her Auntie B and Auntie K (sister of Karen). This picture concluded our trip to meet the triplets. Mommy was so sad to leave, not only because coming home meant a return to work was looming ahead, but also because life on the farm is extraordinary and any time with the 5 of them is wonderful. It is no fun being across the country from Avery's aunties and cousins. Maybe someday we'll do something about this!

Video: Which One Doesn't belong?

Avery hanging with her cousins

Avery kicked poor little Mazie in the head to get the photo below, but these demonstrate remarkably well how large 11 week old Avery is in comparison to her 2 1/2 week cousins, as always, Lucia, Elliott, Mazie (left to right). Notice how well behaved the triplets are whilst Avery throws herself around the crib having her own little party. Soon enough they'll all be in party mode at the same time.

Video: Triplet Home Tour

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

From zero to four in 7 weeks

Jon and Karen, Holly and Katie, Grandpa Ray and Nana Linda, Avery and Lucia & Elliott and Mazie. Four new grandkids/cousins to be loved.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Video: Triplet Time 10/1

Oh those precious babies!

On September 30th, Karen and Avery drove with Grandpa Ray and Nana Linda to meet Avery's 3 new cousins, Elizabeth "Lucia", "Elliott" Kimbrough and "Mazie" Bell. Born September 7 at 34 weeks, they were remarkably healthy (and I can say this since I take care of sick babies for a living) and all were home by 36 weeks. We got to meet them when they were 3-1/2 weeks old and Avery was 11 weeks. They are the sweetest little siblings that you ever did see, all sleeping together in a row, still 3 peas in a pod.