Monday, May 12, 2014

Frozen at the beach

We are having a drought and unseasonably hot weather this spring. One day after school the 4 of us headed to the beach. Jon and I noticed something bobbing south along the waves. We could not tell if is was a raft, with or without someone holding on, or what it ended up to be: a bundle of balloons. The waves brought the balloons to shore and Jon ran over to grab them before they were taken back out to sea. Imagine the kids' great delight to see that they were Frozen balloons. Elsa on one side, Anna on the other. My kids have been Obsessed with Frozen since they saw it in the theater. They love to listen to and sing all the songs. When we go to Whole Foods these days, Landon makes me get him a large single carrot so he can pretend to be Olaf. So they were overjoyed to play with this find for the rest of our time at the beach.