Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quincy’s Top 10 10 If you came into our house your shoes were stolen GUARANTEED. Never chewed because he just wanted to play and get attention
9. LA Beaches are not dog friendly, so I used have to sneak him on to the beach at 6am to go running. While I would run he would follow me and take swims. On 2 occasions we were chased by the LA Animal Control and successfully outran a $500 ticket.
8. He was a much better surfer than me. I could throw a Frisbee out into 6 foot waves and he could navigate the break to avoid being pounded and then amazingly time the waves to ride them perfectly back in.

7. He ate an entire chicken carcass and was sick as a dog but SURVIVED. I don’t mean just a couple bones, we are talking breast, wings, legs and everything. By the way he didn't learn his lesson because he did it again 4 months later.
6. He ate my drivers license and credit cards TWICE within 3 months. The first time I had to fly out the very next day. Try talking your way onto to a flight and into a rental car with half a license.

5. He was a master food thief. Almost every meal he would wait for one of the kids to drop their guard for just a second. He would then come up from under the table like Jaws and attack their hand or plate. All you would see is wild eyes, teeth, food and then hear the cries of our kids
4. Karen spent two days baking and carving a homemade Choo Choo Train birthday cake for Landon’s 1st birthday. I was upstairs and literally heard Karen screaming like somebody just died. I came downstairs and Quincy in a single leap had jumped up onto the counter and taken a massive bite out of the locomotive’s engine. We used extra frosting and cake crumbs to rebuild.
3. While running on the beach we spotted a 6 foot sea lion on the shore. Quincy ran ahead of me to charge it and I thought it was going to be the end of him. At the last second he stopped dead in his tracks about 10 feet away from it. They both looked in each others eyes and Quincy went smartly around.
2. Quincy to his detriment used to love to eat all the junk he found at the beach and it was my job to wrestle it from him. He was eating what looked like a stick, only when I pulled it out of his mouth it wasn’t a stick. It was a petrified rat and the stick was the rat’s tail. I don’t think I have ever washed my hands so many times.
1. 100% TRUE: We were walking him on our friends street and Quincy saw a really nice house with a pool. He ran under the fence and immediately dove in. The owners were right there and this guy angrily reached into the pool and pulled Quincy out by the scruff of his neck and walked him back over to us. It was Christian Bale. Quincy was rescued by Batman.
0. When we lived in Venice, Quincy was like the Mayor. All the homeless people absolutely loved him. He was like Mother Theresa and he would disgustingly wash their feet with his tongue. I would be walking down the street and people would be shouting Quincy from every street corner.<


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